#prayforboston (⌣́_⌣̀) #ironic *sigh*


Believe it or not, SOMETIMES there are bigger things to worry about than what the media chooses to push for money.

A woman stands in the debris following three explosions in Tuz Khurmatu, 175 kilometers north of Baghdad, on April 15, 2013.

A series of bomb blasts across Iraq on MONDAY killed at least 42 people and wounded more than 257 others, police said.


Let’s compare three similar events that has happened today. Not denying any of these things are terrible, or that we should take note. We should just do a bit of thinking before we get emotional.

Boston marathon explosion: two dead, at least another 77 injured. All hell breaks loose.
Series of early morning explosions across cities in Iraq: 50 dead and nearly 300 wounded. Only a portion of people care or even know about it.
US bombs Afghan wedding: at least 30 killed and a total of at least 120 killed or wounded. Not much attention given here, eh?

Apparently two US lives are more important than 50 Iraqi and/or 30 Afghani lives. Then even though there is nothing to suggest middle eastern terrorist groups have been involved, the mass media uses this as a tool to help pit Americans against the Middle East and create further nationalism through hatred.

All crimes against humans are crimes against humanity as a whole.
We should not be drawing distinctions between the importance of one life and another because of their colour of their skin or the country they live in. If you want to support the victims, go for it. They’ll get plenty of help since the US media can use them for their own gain, so I’ll be spending my time trying to bring some things to light. Don’t PRAY for good things to happen, make them happen.

credits & thanks to : @tristan_barker


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